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Pilfering purse earns Dennis two years in jail, probation
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A purse snatcher has been given two years in jail, along with another two years on probation.
The defendant, Charles Leonard Dennis Jr., 40, was sentenced on four separate indictments by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley. The indictments included six counts of theft and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. In total, Dennis was given two 11-month, 29-day sentences to serve, and two 11-month, 29-day sentences on probation.
His sentences come, in part, for his snatching a purse from a shopping cart at Walmart. According to the victim, she was shopping when she turned around while in the meat department and found her purse missing. The purse contained $156 cash and medication.
Shoppers saw Dennis steal the purse and his vehicle was followed when he left the store. McMinnville patrolman Jared Jacobs was able to apprehend the suspect’s vehicle on Center Street. It was there the victim’s purse was found in the road. Dennis would later admit to stealing the purse.
In addition to purse snatching, Dennis was sentenced for drug possession. Police reported finding evidence Dennis and his wife had been using morphine when they came to their house to answer a domestic call.
Specifically, police said they found both Dennis and his wife bloody when they arrived with both suspects telling different stories about what happened. While in the house, police found melted residue on a pair of spoons. They both reportedly admitted using morphine that evening.