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Park Theater box office's $750 fee closer to reality
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A $750 fee for the use of Park Theater’s box office remains intact and the multi-event rental agreement is making its way back to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.The agreement went before the board Feb. 23 and was sent back to committee after the city attorney objected to an addition in the agreement that states, “Box office fee (per ticket fee will be added after event) $750 plus 15 cents per ticket sold.” The fee was added after committee approval but before full board consideration.Adequate public notice about the change was not given, said city attorney Tim Pirtle, because the item was not discussed when the discount rates for multiple events was under consideration during a Parks and Recreation Committee meeting.Parks and Recreation Committee chair Ben Newman says the fee is an attempt to recoup the cost of handling the sale of tickets for users of the facility.“When people use our ticketing system, it causes the Park Theater staff to do a lot of work – taking phone calls, helping people sign up online, and do other tasks,” Newman said. “This fee covers the cost that we would expend on employees to do that work.