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Over 100 apply for one police department job
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A job posting for a records clerk at McMinnville Police Department is causing quite a stir, says McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton.More than 100 applications have already been received for the job.“Since Sunday, when the newspaper came out and there was an opening for a police records clerk, everybody and their brother has called me about that,” Denton told city Safety Committee members Tuesday night. “To be honest, they want someone they know moved to the head of the line.”According to Denton, some of the callers are relying on a long-standing friendship or acquaintances in an attempt to secure the job for themselves or a relative.“I’ve been telling everyone there is a policy in place, a hiring board, and no one will be pushed to the front of the line,” Denton said. “A few have gotten rude, telling me they do not care about a policy and they will call board members to get what they want.”The application deadline is Sept. 13.