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Officials consider fire trucks
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McMinnville officials are considering the purchase of two new fire trucks, a ladder and a pumper, for its Fire Department. The cost is estimated at $850,000.
City administrator David Rutherford says manufacturers have been visiting the city with demonstration trucks.
“We have had probably five or six different manufacturers come in with demo equipment so that the fireman can identify things they like or didn’t like,” he said. “We have received some fairly good numbers, as far as cost. We have real good numbers on equipment that has the capabilities that we are looking for.”
A truck being used for demonstration would be the city’s best deal in money and time, says Rutherford.
“I think it is safe to say that the city will be looking at a demo or something coming right off the line,” he said. “It will be a shorter timeframe in getting it here to be used and it will be less expensive. If you spec one out, like you did with tower one, which was manufactured specifically for the city, you will pay for that in dollars and you will pay for it in time.”
Board members were invited to look over the equipment with the firefighters. Mayor Jimmy Haley says a hands-on inspection was eye opening.
“It opens up your eyes about what’s good and what’s bad about some fire trucks,” Haley says. “It’s very obvious when you see them and then you start comparing them to what you have already seen. Some are easier to get in and out. Some of them have aluminum ladders, while some have steel ladders and others have galvanized ladders.”
While actual numbers are unknown, preliminary estimates on cost have been set at $850,000.
“We are looking for both to come in around $850,000,” said Alderman Ken Smith. “You can get one truck up over $1 million, but $850,000 is what I have built into the budget.”
Once the city has bid specifications on what it would like to have in its new fire trucks, documents can be generated to go out for bids. When the bids are received, the actual cost will be known.