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Night races place safety in dark
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Night races are becoming trendy for a nation looking to improve health and fitness, but they can be a nightmare for local authorities tasked with ensuring the safety of runners and spectators.McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton brought up some of the problems and safety concerns with such events during a city Safety Committee meeting Tuesday night.Denton says he supports local runners and the organizations who put together these kind of events, but he feels there should be some guidelines that would minimize the danger to participants and the negative effect on downtown businesses.“I’m not against them,” Denton said. “I think we should have one every Saturday, but let’s do them on Saturday morning at 7 or 7:30 with a couple of courses that I think are safer, I don’t know that we could get one that is ever perfectly safe, but that’s my thing.”Denton said the time the runs are scheduled is of particular concern. A nighttime run was held last year in conjunction with Main Street Live.