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New maintenance building in holding pattern for airport
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Warren County Memorial Airport hit more turbulence in its effort to construct a new maintenance building to house equipment.Members of the county Budget and Finance Committee met and unanimously decided to withdraw the item for consideration, rejecting it until airport officials can find a way to fund construction without transferring funds from other line items. Proposed by airport manager Richard Crawford was for the county to allow the transfer of $50,000 from its current gasoline fund and to use $40,000 the county provided for a different project and combine those moneys with $83,000 the airport currently has to generate $173,000 to construct the building.The airport, said Crawford, needs the 50-foot by 100-foot maintenance building to house equipment that is being stored in an airplane hangar because the hangar can be rented and generate revenue.“They have $83,000 in a designated fund they have to spend on the airport,” said Budget and Finance Committee chair Terry Bell. “They want to spend the $40,000 match that we gave them for some other projects that haven’t come up yet. (Finance Director) Linda Hillis thinks the projects might come up before the end of the fiscal year.