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New highway named after Cooper
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A measure to name the new four-lane to Woodbury after former state Sen. Jerry Cooper has passed the full Warren County Commission.
The resolution passed 17-7. Voting against naming the highway for Cooper were commissioners Carl D. Bouldin, Teddy Boyd, Ron Lee, Kenny Roberts, Scott Rubley, Michael Shane Wilcher and Blaine Wilcher.
Michael Wilcher says his constitutes wanted the highway named after a veteran or veterans -- not after a politician.
“Several residents in District 3 have made it known to me they do not want the highway named after any politician,” said Wilcher. “In fact, the vast majority would rather it be named in honor of a military service person or military people as a whole. As such, I will vote in accordance with those District 3 residents who have made their wishes known to me.”
County Executive Herschell Wells reminded the court the state has the final say in naming the highway. However, the state almost always abides by the wishes of the local government.
Cooper served in the Tennessee Senate for 23 years until his retirement in 2007. He was a tireless proponent for the new four-lane and his effort was instrumental in getting the road complete.
Voting in favor of naming the highway after Cooper were commissioners Terry Bell, Morris Bond, Carl E. Bouldin, Carlene Brown, Wayne Copeland, Randy England, Billy Earl Jones, Gary Martin, Ken Martin, Michael Martin, Carolyn Miller, Charles Morgan, Gary Prater, David Rhea, Tommy Savage, Diane Starkey and Melissa Yancy.
The resolution will be sent to the Tennessee General Assembly for its consideration. No time has been set for the legislature to vote on the county’s recommendation.