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Murder at the Mansion
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Murder and mayhem has taken place at Falcon Rest.
One person was poisoned and another was shot. Fortunately, it was all part of an interactive murder mystery performance Friday night sponsored by the Phi Theta Kappa honor society at Motlow College to benefit the children sponsored by the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute. The majority of the children have worked for slave labor and had never been to school before being rescued from child labor by volunteers with the institute.
The setting for the colorful whodunit was an 1897 dinner party given by wealthy factory owner Clay Faulkner and his wife, Mary, to celebrate the completion of Falcon Rest, their new 10,000-square-foot mansion constructed in Faulkner Springs. Clay and Mary were played by George and Charlien McGlothin, the current owners of Falcon Rest
 Audience members were assigned characters and became actors in the play. The characters included an impressive guest list, including Faulkner family members, well-known McMinnville residents and other prominent personalities who were alive in 1897. Some of the more famous guests included President William McKinley, Susan B. Anthony, Teddy Roosevelt, Molly Brown, Thomas Edison, Jack Daniel, Annie Oakley, W.S. “Dad” Lively and J. Fletch Woodard.
 After the first murder, Buffalo Bill Cody, also played by George McGlothin, rode in to save the day and help hunt for the killer. He was aided in his quest by Dr. Sigmund Freud, played by Dr. Arun Gandhi, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, played by Matthew Bratcher sporting a Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe.
 Several suspects were questioned and the killer was revealed.
 A delicious three-course meal was served during the play which had been cooked in the Falcon Rest kitchen.
Motlow professor Gregg Garrison announced the fundraiser made approximately $1,000 for the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute.