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Motorists slide off slick roads
Weekend has 22 accidents reported
This Chrysler Seabring driven by Jess Zaderiko, 41, triggered a three-car accident Sunday afternoon around 3 p.m. in front of Taco Bell. His vehicle hit a Chevy Impala driven by Elizabeth McKinney, 73, who was stopped at the traffic light. The Impala then hit a Nissan Rogue driven by Charlotte Vaughn, 52, who was also stopped at the light. All occupants denied transport to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital. Zaderiko was cited for following too close.
The winter storm that deposited more than 2 feet of snow in some parts of the Northeast left McMinnville with an official total of 3.5 inches and some parts of the county with more than that.“There were 8 and 9 inches of accumulation in some areas of the county and we were having to move snow drifts as deep as 3 feet,” said Road Superintendent Levie Glenn, whose department worked around the clock throughout the weekend in what seemed, at times, to be an unwinnable battle against Mother Nature. “We would put down salt and come by with the plow and it’d just fall again right behind us and the temperature was making it hard for the salt to work. It got down into single digits at one point during the weekend.”Glenn said the road department used 150 tons of Morton’s salt to combat the ice, much of which was made worse by heavy rain that preceded the snow that started before noon Friday.“Since we had the rain, the snow stuck to the road very quickly,” Glenn said.