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Mother jailed for crash with children in vehicle
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A mother who crashed her car downtown in front of a church with her two children as passengers will serve a month in jail for drunk driving.
The mother, Candice Nicole Johnson, 27, was ordered to serve 30 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence, pay $1,759 plus restitution, attend DUI school and forfeit her driver license for one year for DUI. Additional charges of reckless endangerment were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.
Her sentence comes after police responded to a report of a wreck in downtown McMinnville. Upon arrival, McMinnville police officer Rodney Hammond found a Nissan Murano had hit a street sign and concrete wall in front of Central Church of Christ. Johnson admitted to driving the vehicle but claimed she was not at fault in the crash.
“She stated someone ran her off the road but several witnesses at the scene stated there was not another vehicle around at the time,” Hammonds said in his warrant against Johnson.
The officer said Johnson did not do well on a field sobriety test. She told the officer that while she had a prescription for Xanax and Hydrocodone, she had not taken them in a few days.
The officer, however, felt Johnson was under the influence of some type of intoxicant. The fact her two children, ages 7 years and 10 months, were in the vehicle prompted the longer jail sentence under a fairly new law which carries longer drunk driving penalties for any adult caught drunk driving with children in the vehicle.