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Martin pleas guilty to simple assault
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A woman who threatened to cut a 10-year-old girl’s throat with a box cutter will serve 15 days in jail.
The woman, Kimberly G. Martin, 35, entered a guilty plea to the reduced charge of simple assault and was directed to serve 15 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence. She was also ordered to take anger management classes and must stay away from the victim. She was originally charged with aggravated assault, a crime that carries three to six years in prison.
Martin was charged after police answered a disturbance call on Yager Road regarding an armed person. They talked to Martin when the arrived. She confessed to making a threat against the 10-year-old girl and the child’s mother.
According to McMinnville policewoman Leilani DeFore, Martin became angry when the little girl came to her residence. Martin said she warned the girl not to come back around her 13-year-old son. When she came back after she issued the warning, Martin said she pulled out the box cutter and flipped open the razor to expose it while making the threat.
“Ms. Martin stated that she exposed the box cutter while threatening to cut her throat, as well as her mother’s throat, if she did not stay away from her son,” DeFore said in her warrant against Martin.
The girl ran home after hearing the threat and reported what happened to her mother. Martin will be allowed to serve her sentence next month.