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Man who tells bizarre story indicted for filing false report
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A man who allegedly made an anonymous call to 911 claiming he had seen a pornographic film involving two adults and an underage teen has been indicted for filing a false report.The suspect, Johnny Hershell Fults, was indicted last week on the single felony count by the Warren County grand jury.The complicated twists and turns of the story began, according to sheriff’s investigator Jason Rowland, when a man called 911 dispatch to report seeing a video of adults and a teen-age girl having sex. The man did not reveal his name although there was enough information gained from the call to determine the identity of the alleged victim.“Hearing that disturbed me so I began checking into it,” Rowland said of following up on the information which involved hours of legwork and the involvement of several state agencies since the victim in question was a foster child.The investigator was eventually able to find the teen girl who said she had never been in, or been asked to be part of, such a tape. The officer then had her listen to a tape of the 911 call.