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Man found passed out at bank
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A man found drunk in his vehicle outside a local bank has been indicted on drug and drunk driving charges.The suspect, Thad G. Frankmann, 48, was indicted on charges of DUI, simple possession of drugs, and possession of drugs.He was arrested after officers were called to the area of Citizens Tri-County Bank on Beersheba Street in response to a vehicle which had been running other vehicles off the road on nearby Highway 8. When officers arrived, they were told the vehicle driven by Frankmann had pulled into the bank parking lot and he was still inside.“He was sitting inside the vehicle which was in reverse, the engine still running,” said McMinnville police officer Ben Cantrell.Upon getting Frankmann out of the car, he was apparently under the influence.“He was foaming at the mouth,” Cantrell recalled, noting the man forgot to put the car out of gear when he got out. “He left it in gear and it rolled.”Officers reported finding several hydrocodone and Oxycodone in his possession when he was arrested.