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Man charged with stealing 16 iPads
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An electronics thief who wore the same clothes during all three of his local shoplifting sprees faces grand theft charges for stealing nearly $10,000 worth of iPads from the local Walmart.
The suspect, Michael J. Phillips, 32, of Maryville in East Tennessee, found the third time was not the charm as he was busted on his third visit to the McMinnville store. He is charged with shoplifting in an amount over $1,000.
His charges come after Walmart security observed him on video stealing thousands of dollars worth of iPads. Security said he entered the store the night of Jan. 17 at which time he took seven iPads. He then returned on the night of Feb. 8 taking nine iPads making his total theft in the amount $9,591.
The thefts were discovered after the fact, prompting security to examine the surveillance video from the electronics case. They were able to see Phillips taking the iPads on video, their identification helped out by his decision to wear the same clothes.
“He was observed wearing the same clothes and leaving in the same vehicle in all three incidents,” Walmart security revealed in the warrant against Phillips.
His downfall came when he re-entered the store Feb. 28 and was recognized by a member of loss prevention. He was seen standing around the iPad case at which time he was positively identified partially due to his clothes.