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Man alleges he was ambushed, robbed at knife-point
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A Dark Hollow man told authorities he was robbed at knife-point after being led into an ambush by a man who owed him money.
The victim told deputies the issue began late Wednesday night when he was contacted by a man he had loaned money to some time ago. The man said he wanted to meet the victim to pay him back part of the money. However, upon driving over to Zera Hillis Road to meet the man, the victim said things seemed amiss.
As he drove his vehicle, with the man as his passenger, they came up on another group of men near the Beersheba Street intersection.
At that point he was reportedly accosted by his passenger and the other men on the dark stretch of rural road. The victim said the men insisted he give them some pills they believed he had in his possession.
“He said at that point a large male got out of the other car with a knife,” said Jackie Matheny, regarding the report on the incident. “The victim took off running when he saw the knife.”
The victim told officers the men went through his car taking several items including his keys. He was able to hitch a ride home where he contacted authorities. While not identifying the attackers in the report, the victim did know the man who led him into the alleged ambush and has taken out a criminal summons on the man he knows. The amount of loss from the alleged robbery has not been revealed; however, the victim did escaped injury.