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Longtime eyesore getting leveled on Locust Street
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A longtime eyesore on Locust Street is in the process of being demolished.
The house at 404 Locust Street is being torn down by its new owner, Steve Hollis, who owns property next door.
“I’m trying to get it torn down so my property will look better,” said Hollis. “I’ll be glad to get it down and out of my way.”
Hollis estimates he should have the house leveled in the next week or two. He says he’s working on it at night and has also hired some help.
The house had gradually been falling into a state of disrepair as routine maintenance was ignored. McMinnville codes manager Josh Baker said the city had been to court to get the previous owner, M.R. Sullivan, to do something about the structure.
“We’ve been trying to get that house down for years,” said Baker. “We had an agreed order signed by the judge in late March or early April where Mr. Sullivan agreed to sell the property or remove the house.
Instead of handle demolition work, Sullivan sold the property to Hollis. The city then granted Hollis six months to tear it down. He was given a one-month extension Oct. 3.
The property is located on the side of Locust Street that is residential, not the part near Warren County Administrative Offices.