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Woman made up story about mugging
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A woman has been charged after she lied to police about being robbed in front of a convenience store.The woman, Amanda Lynn Vespo, 33, waived her right to a preliminary hearing and was bound to the grand jury on the charge of filing a false report.Her charge comes after police responded to a call of a mugging in front of Delta Express on Beersheba Street.“When I arrived, I found her lying flat on the ground by her car’s driver door,” said policeman Stephen Daniels.When asked what had happened, Vespo reportedly told the lawman she went outside to her car to get her cellphone when she was accosted by a strange man.“She said he grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head into the car,” Daniels said. “Then, as she lay on the ground, he kicked her in the ribs.”The woman claimed the man took her purse, which contained all of her cards, her medication, including her Alprazolam, $30 cash, checks, keys and inhaler.However, a witness who was nearby reported seeing nothing unusual. Paramedics also reported no injuries.With their suspicions raised, police went to talk to Vespo’s son.