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Woman faces charge for falsely accusing boyfriend of abuse
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A woman faces a false report charge after she claimed her boyfriend cut her on the head with a knife, only for deputies to discover she may have slashed herself with a razor blade to set up her boyfriend.The woman, Brittany Abigail Rollins, 22, of Estill Springs, is charged with filing a false report. She has been assigned a July 12 hearing date to answer to the charge before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke.Rollins was charged after she called 911 claiming her boyfriend, Jonothan Thomison, had assaulted and cut her at a home on Orchard Lane.“She stated she had been slapped in the face, kicked in the chest and ribs, and cut on the head with a knife,” recalled sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter of his conversation with the alleged victim as she was being treated by ambulance personnel.However, during his investigation of the scene, a witness stepped forward and told him they had seen Rollins put something under a tree in the backyard before officers arrived.“When deputies looked, they found a razor blade under the tree,” Carpenter said.The investigator said Rollins changed her tune once she was confronted with the evidence they found under the tree.“She changed her story stating Mr. Rollins had cut her with a razor after hitting her and then left for work,” Carpenter noted.However, once again the witness challenged Rollins’ version of events, saying they had seen Rollins and her boyfriend before he left for work and there was no altercation.“There were no marks on her head other than the cuts on her head to corroborate her story,” Carpenter said, noting Rollins claimed, upon further questioning, she had hidden the razor because she didn’t want her boyfriend to get into trouble.Carpenter said the evidence suggests the incident did not happen the way Rollins claimed, leading to him taking warrants against her for filing a false report.