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Woman charged after cellphone found
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Cellular reception was better than many areas of the Nursery Capital inside Warren County Jail, leading to one inmate being hit with felony charges for smuggling a phone inside the institution and texting with someone on the outside.
The woman, Heather B. Knight, 24, is charged with introduction of contraband inside a penal institution. She will appear for hearing next Tuesday.
Knight’s charge comes as she was being booked into the jail on assault charges. She was warned that carrying any contraband like drugs or electronic devices into the jail was a felony. She denied having anything on her person. She was then asked to submit to a strip search.
Unknown to Knight, she had been turned in by a man she had been texting with while waiting to be processed into the jail.
“We got a call from an unknown male who stated she had been texting him while she was in the holding cell,” said corrections officer Wendy Jenkins in her warrant against Knight, noting the tip was the reason they performed the strip search.
The phone was located hidden under the insole of the toe section of one of her shoes. When asked about the phone, Knight didn’t have much to say.
“She stated it did not work,” the jailer said, pointing out the tipster had just told them he had been texting with her just minutes before.