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WCHS students complete registration
high school registration.jpg
Ayslin Fletcher gets her locker assignment Wednesday as she prepares for her sophomore year at Warren County High School. - photo by Taylor Moore

Registration for Warren County High School had plenty of students excited for the new school year as they found their classes, received their parking passes, and most importantly found their lockers.

Upcoming sophomores Kevin Parada and Shadaya Balderas went together to find their classes. Parada is excited for his collision repair class this year and to have a normal year again. Balderas is ready for her Spanish class. They both were enthused to have lockers since they weren’t allowed last year.

Ayslin Fletcher is excited to be a sophomore as it comes with a little more freedom about class scheduling. “I actually got to choose electives,” she said. Fletcher is in JROTC and mentioned her dual credit psychology course.

She took advantage of the school’s open house to take a tour. “My classes are all over the building,” she said, “I’m definitely going to get lost and go to the wrong class.” 

Fletcher is most excited to have a locker saying, “I could carry all my things to every class, but I’m glad I don’t have to.”

Sophomores were the last group to register Wednesday and now the school year is ready to take off.

Health science and personal finance teacher Judy Thomas helped with registration by giving schedules out to students with a last name starting with A and said “quite a few” students have come through her line. When asked if she was excited about the year, she answered, “Absolutely!” 

Thomas added, “I am most excited about seeing my students. I love my students.”

Sophomore English teacher April Bivens felt similarly saying, “I’m excited for every school year.” Bivens waited patiently in her classroom during registration ready to meet and greet her students touring the school.

WCHS executive principal Clark George is optimistic about the year saying, “We’ve got a good plan and we’re good to go.”