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Upland chosen for projects at Warren County schools
The board voted at the last meeting to go with Derrick Clemow and Upland Design.

The Warren County Board of Education has chosen Upland Design Group to be the architectural firm over proposed projects at Bobby Ray, West Elementary, Eastside and Warren County Middle School.
“We did get our architect,” said Director of School Bobby Cox. “The board voted at the last meeting to go with Derrick Clemow and Upland Design to do the next projects, whenever we get to that point. Upland has been selected for all four projects so we don’t have to go through that process again.”
The information was presented to the county Education Committee as an update.
The projects are estimated to cost a combined $12 million: Bobby Ray $3.2 million, West Elementary $1.8 million, Eastside $2.3 million, and WCMS $4.5 million. However, the actual cost of the projects will not be known until the school system goes out for bids.
In past meetings, Cox has suggested Bobby Ray and West Elementary be done first.
“We would like to prioritize West and Bobby Ray,” said Cox. “Those are the two buildings we feel need the most attention. West is more than 50 years old. We are seeing some electrical issues there. Bobby Ray and West, when we talk about electrical, we are running out of power. We have so much technology but we can’t plug things up. Those buildings weren’t built for computer labs and projectors and things of that type. There are a lot of cosmetic needs in both of those schools.”
The School Board’s selection of Upland Design Group must be presented to the county Financial Management Committee for its consideration.
At this time, Warren County government has not committed any funds toward the projects.