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Two bedbugs at WCHS stir concern
Director of Schools Bobby Cox says two bedbugs were found at WCHS on Thursday morning.

Bedbugs found at Warren County High School on Thursday have sparked concern, but Director of Schools Bobby Cox says the situation is under control.
Cox said two bedbugs were found in one classroom Thursday morning and the issue was addressed immediately.
“They closed the classroom and there were no classes there the rest of the day,” Cox said Thursday afternoon. “There won’t be any classes there on Friday and we’ll heat treat the classroom. We’ll keep it closed over the weekend so that should take care of the situation and everything will be fine by Monday.”
Cox said a professional pest control company and the school system’s Health Services Department both evaluated the bedbug problem Thursday and agree the classroom should be fine Monday after treatment.
Bedbugs are a parasitic insect with a reputation of being difficult to remove. According to Wikipedia, bedbugs prefer to feed on human blood and enjoy warm habitats such as bedding areas. Their bites commonly leave itchy welts.
Cox said he understands the concern, but there’s no reason to exaggerate the seriousness of finding two bedbugs. One rumor had bedbugs rampant throughout the high school, while another had bedbugs at WCHS and adjacent Hickory Creek Elementary.
“It’s amazing how things get blown out of proportion,” said Cox. “We found two bedbugs in one classroom and we’re closing off that classroom. We’re not canceling school.”
Cox says the school system is not immune to problems like bedbugs and lice, and such issues are addressed when they occur.
“When you have 6,000 kids, sometimes what’s at home or in the community makes its way to school,” said Cox.
The Standard fielded several bedbug related questions Thursday from people eager to learn the seriousness of the situation and whether school would be canceled on Friday.