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Turn signals added near WCHS
McMinnville Public Works Department employees install new lights at the intersection near Warren County High School. The new lights have turn signals. Pictured is Charlie Furbee in the bucket truck with fellow employees Jason Patrick, Frank Southard and Wally Rhea.

Turn signals have been installed on the north and southbound lanes at the intersection of South Chancery and Vervilla streets.
“The intersection was originally designed without turn signals due to inadequate traffic count, but upgrades made over the years allowed for extra capacity to add the turn signals,” said McMinnville Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee.
Added to the intersection were two new five-head signals.
Prompting the change were requests from motorists to add a left-turn signal on Vervilla Road at the intersection of Chancery Street and Morrison Street to make the onramp to Highway 55 toward Manchester easier to access.
While the requests were first sent to the county Highway and Bridge Committee, the area is within the city of McMinnville and on a state route. City employees monitored traffic flow and the decision was made that congestion warrants turn signals.
“When you have 3,000 to 4,000 cars going thru there every morning, it wasn’t built for that kind of traffic,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley, who is also a teacher at Warren County High School. “You have 1,200 kids driving, plus parents dropping off school kids, plus Hickory Creek School, plus people going to work, plus people who live in the area. It just wasn’t meant for that volume.”
The new signals were added Friday.