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Traffic study done to consider bridge replacement
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A traffic study has been done on Bluff Springs Road in consideration of bridge replacement.
“They did come and do a traffic count on Bluff Springs Road,” said Road Superintendent Levie Glenn of the Tennessee Transportation Assistance Program. “It tells you what time of day, size of the vehicle, what kind of vehicle, everything. The guy was really nice. He still hasn’t sent me the printout. I don’t know what the reason is. I’ll try to get back in touch with him.”
Some information was provided. From midnight Aug. 1 to midnight Aug. 2, the counter logged 402 vehicles at an average speed of 32 miles per hour. The heaviest traffic time was from 4:30 to 5:45 p.m.
Glenn presented the information during a county Highway and Bridge Committee meeting.
Commissioner Blaine Wilcher asked about the count in April after receiving complaints about the condition of the bridge on Bluff Springs Road.
“I had a lady in my district ask me about the bridge on Bluff Springs Road,” Wilcher said. “She took pictures of it. It looks pretty bad, as far as the surface of it. I told her I would ask about it. Could we get a study done of the traffic?”
The county’s bridges, 99 in all, are inspected by TDOT every year. Repairs and replacements are completed based on need, with bridges in the worst condition moved atop the list.
Currently, the bridge on Old Shelbyville Road over Small Branch has been determined to be the most critical bridge needing to be replaced in the county. On Sept. 12, the county Financial Management Committee is meeting at 3:30 p.m. to consider a bid award for replacement.
Glenn also offered an update on the sign changes on Yager Road.
Committee members approved measures in July to move the county’s 55 mph speed limit sign, located in the area of Old Mills Road, back by 500 feet in order to make that area 35 mph and to add an advisory speed limit of 35 mph on a curve where a wreck occurred June 23.
“On Yager Road, I did move the 55 back some and I did put up a curve sign and an advisory speed of 35,” said Glenn.
Commissioner Gary Prater stated, “Have you heard whether or not it’s helped any?”
“No, but no news is good news,” said Glenn.