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Teen charged for knife threat
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A teen faces felony charges after he pulled a knife on a man and then was disarmed by the victim.The teen, Dominique Cox, 18, has been given an April 18 trial date on the charge of aggravated assault, a crime that carries three to six years in prison.The charge comes after the teen got into an argument with his grandmother and threw a glass and hit the wall.“John Wright (the victim) came out of his bedroom to stop the incident and told everyone to stop their arguing,” said McMinnville Police Sgt. Ben Cantrell, noting Wright then went back to his bedroom.However, police say the teen went into the kitchen and armed himself with a knife.“He went into Wright’s room and threatened to stab him,” the sergeant revealed. “They got into a scuffle and Mr. Wright was able to take the knife away from him.”Cox has been ordered to report to his probation officer every week from now until his hearing and has been warned to stay away from the victim.