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Taylor in hot water over pilfered laundry
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A woman has been charged with felony theft for stealing another woman’s laundry from the clothes dryer at the laundromat.
The woman, Gracie Marie Taylor, 42, will face hearing Jan. 24 on the charge of theft over $500.
Police say the victim in the case was at Spin City Laundromat and had put her laundry in the washing machine.
“After placing her laundry, consisting of multiple pieces of mix clothing and household effects in the dryer, she departed the premises with intent to return at a later time,” said McMinnville police detective Stuart Whitman.
After the woman left, Taylor arrived at the laundromat and noticed the unattended laundry.
“She removed the laundry and put it in a basket,” Whitman said of Taylor, noting the suspect then told her underage niece to take the basket and put it in their vehicle. “The laundry was taken with Taylor staying behind to finish her personal laundry.”
The items that were taken had an estimated value of $610 making the crime a felony. Taylor was arrested after an investigation into the missing laundry by detective Whitman.