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Tackett charged in gunpoint robbery
He's captured in Cookeville
Christy Danita Newby is charged with aggravated robbery for assisting in the crime.

A fugitive on the lam after robbing a man here at gunpoint has been captured in Cookeville.
The alleged robber, Roger Dale Tackett, 44, is charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, and grand theft for robbing Roy Tate in his home on Saturday, May 21.
His alleged accomplice, Christy Danita Newby, 37, is also charged with aggravated robbery for assisting in the crime. They were nabbed in Cookeville after sheriff’s authorities there were alerted to the possibility the suspects could be lying low somewhere in Putnam County.
Tackett is accused of putting a gun to Tate’s head during the home invasion robbery.
“While the victim was on the ground, Roger Dale Tackett went through his pockets and stole his wallet that contained $220 cash,” said Warren County sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter, noting the robber also took a 40-caliber handgun and some morphine pills off the victim.
Tackett reportedly threatened the man’s life during the course of the robbery, Carpenter said. “He said he didn’t have anything to lose and didn’t care to kill him.”
Carpenter pointed out Tackett is a convicted felon and has a history of violence with convictions for aggravated robbery in 1990 and assault with a deadly weapon in 1993. He did a long term in the penitentiary for the prior offenses and still owes the state prison time as his parole will not expire until 2022.
As for Newby, investigators say she helped set up the home invasion.
“She made a call to Mr. Tate prior to the robbery to make sure he was home,” Carpenter said, noting she also dropped the robber off near the victim’s home and picked him up afterward. “She also disposed of Mr. Tate’s wallet that was stolen during the robbery.”
The two, along with another woman, Ronda Lee Brown, who was wanted for violation of probation, were found by Putnam County deputies in a store parking lot off Jackson Street.
According to Putnam County authorities, Tackett didn’t obey orders to get on the ground and had to be taken down by officers when they corralled him near his vehicle. They reported finding drugs believed to be meth in his possession. They found a 380-caliber gun on Newby.
The three are due in court in Warren County this week where they will be arraigned before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke.