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Supplemental insurance approved for school athletes
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Warren County Schools had its supplemental student-athlete insurance and substitute teachers approved on Monday, but the brakes are still on its bus service.
“We had two bids come in on our insurance,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox before members of the county Financial Management Committee.
Prince Insurance Agency submitted an annual premium bid of $15,025 with maximum benefit of $25,000, while Scholastic Insurors Inc. submitted an annual premium bid of $13,980 with a maximum benefit of $10,000.
“We’ve used Scholastic in the past,” said Cox. “We would like to stay with them. Prince is a little bit more than we wanted to pay, even though their maximum benefit was a little bit more. This is supplemental. It’s in case something happens. It’s not their primary coverage. Scholastic is what we’ve had in the past and it seems to be a middle-of-the-road plan.”
The supplemental insurance, said Cox, covers all students in kindergarten through 12th grade who participate in any school-related athletics.
“It’s a supplemental plan, just in case somebody gets hurt playing a sport and has to go to the hospital or something,” said Cox. “It picks up where their insurance leaves off.”
The committee also considered the contract between the school system and Kelly Educational Staffing.
“Last year, we bid our sub service and decided to stay with Kelly Services,” said Cox. “In the contract, which was originally bid for a three-year contract with two, one-year extensions, we did a one-year contract with a one-year extension. We want to exercise that one-year option. Currently, it’s at the same rate and pay for subs. Pending our budget, we might want to try and raise that pay. If we do, I’ll bring it back to you at that time.”
When it came time to consider the bus contract, it was pulled from consideration due to the school system having to go out for bids.
Warren County Schools contracted with Durham five years ago to run its bus fleet. The new contract, which was to be three years with options for two more years, was put on hold when Board of Education members were told the service has to be bid out.
Committee members County Executive Herschel Wells, Commissioners Terry Bell, Linda Jones, and David Rhea, and Cox voted unanimously 5-0 to go with Scholastic for the school’s supplemental student athlete insurance, as well as pull the contract with Durham from consideration. Jones abstained from the vote on Kelly Educational Staffing, which passed 4-0.