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Storm causes power outages
Utility workWEB
McMinnville Electric System employees work Thursday morning to remove a large walnut from a power line on South Chancery Street.

Storms dropped a tree in a problematic spot Wednesday evening, depositing a large walnut tree onto power lines, plunging nearly 500 residents into darkness.
“It started out as a limb but the wind uprooted the walnut,” said McMinnville Electric System CEO Rodney Boyd, noting the tree was large enough to take out the line.
The tree that caused the problem was located on South Chancery Street near Warren Farmers Co-op. It was toppled by a line of thunderstorms that hit the area Wednesday evening, bringing high winds and heavy rain. Boyd noted there was one report of a customer’s electrical box being knocked out by a lightning strike during the storm.
In the case of the South Chancery Street issue, lights went out just after 8:30 p.m. and came on again just over an hour and a half later. The clutter left behind by the large tree slowed progress in restoring power as linemen braved the sometimes torrential rain and lightning to fix the line. They worked until after midnight before returning Thursday morning.
Caney Fork Electric reported about 200 of its customers were out for a short time Wednesday following a pair of storm-related incidents.