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Storage barn destroyed
Bouldin structure fire3.jpg
Firefighters from North Warren Fire Department battled a barn fire at 5679 Lucky Road for three hours on Tuesday night. The large barn and most of the items stored inside were a complete loss. Three other departments offered mutual aid. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Fire consumed a barn at Bouldin Nursery & Greenhouse on Tuesday night. 

Lost to the blaze was a 60 by 75 foot structure and almost everything inside.

“We were able to pull my grandson’s four-wheeler out,” said Carl D. Bouldin, nursery owner. “Also saved was a 650 tractor and a disc mower. My son moved a ton truck away from the side of the barn. It was outside, but up next to it.”

The barn was used for storage. Among the items lost were a gator, two golf carts, lawnmower, and all the business tools.

“Every hand tool that I had associated with the nursery business was in that barn,” said Bouldin. “I’m about to go to Lowe’s because I need a measuring tape and a screw driver. I purchased $600 in pool supplies for the year on Monday evening. They were in there 24 hours before they burnt. I lost so much that I don’t even want a bunch of stuff anymore. I don’t want to lose that much at one time ever again.”

Responding was North Warren Fire Department. Assistance was provided by Centertown Fire Department, Campaign-Rock Island Fire Department and a fire department from DeKalb County. 

“We were on the scene for three hours,” said North Warren Chief Ramie Roberts. “We had plenty of manpower and plenty of equipment. What we needed was water. There were no close hydrants. We needed tanker trucks so we called for mutual aid.” 

Roberts said the fire was electrical and likely started in the loft. 

“The building was going to be a complete loss. There was no way we could save it,” said Roberts. “We tried to protect the garage and house from exposure. Both were in close proximity to the barn. There was some damage to the garage and the vinyl siding of the house.”

Bouldin is keeping the big picture in focus and holding onto his sense of humor.

“Nobody got hurt and none of the firefighters got injured,” said Bouldin. “Everything else can be replaced. I have something every year that prevents me from being a millionaire. That’s what happened this year. I will say one thing, the outpouring of support has been amazing. People have been dropping off food and asking if there’s anything they can do. People in this community are wonderful.”

Bouldin Nursery is located on Lucky Road.