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Stolen horse and buggy road sign found in woods
Road Superintendent Levie Glenn said a story in the Standard asking for the return of this $1,400 road sign worked. The stolen sign was found.
The missing road sign valued at $1,400 has been found and returned to the Warren County Highway Department.Road Superintendent Levie Glenn informed Highway and Bridge Committee members the sign was found in a wooded area beside a road.“A guy called me Sunday morning and he said ‘Levie, I found your light.’ I asked if it was damaged and he said ‘No, it looks like it’s still good.’ It was on Wade Road which is behind Ivy Bluff Church of Christ out in the Centertown area. It was in the woods.”Before being taken by unknown persons, the sign was originally placed by the Highway Department at the Bertha Owens Road and Ivy Bluff Trail intersection at the request of residents because they were concerned for their Amish neighbors. The area is locally called “chicken hill” and the concern was for a possible collision between slow-moving, horse-drawn buggies and fast-moving motor vehicles.On July 7, Glenn placed a sign depicting a horse and buggy with a solar-powered flashing light on top.