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Spring weather on way this week
Spring-like conditions have arrived. Pictured, from left, are brothers Nathan and Anthony Santucci and sisters Anslee-Bell and Bella Steakley at the Jungle Jym.
This weekend is a time to spring forward as Tennessee residents observe daylight saving time, which officially begins at 2 a.m. Sunday.As we work to change the time on our car radios and on every clock in the house, at least we’ll have warm weather in store.According to the latest AccuWeather forecast, temperatures are predicted to be especially pleasant this week – including a high of 77 degrees Tuesday.AccuWeather calls for temperatures in the high 60s with some rain in the forecast Sunday and Monday. After that, sunny skies are in the forecast with a high of 77 on Tuesday and 70 on Wednesday.As for changing our clocks, the twice-a-year occurrence that’s a continual source of conversation, The New York Times has published a story dispelling the myths of the time change.The Times says daylight saving time was not invented by Benjamin Franklin, nor was it an aid to give farmers extra sunlight in the summer.According to The Times, one of the first official proposals to move the clock hands forward came in 1908 when it was unsuccessfully proposed to the British Parliament. It was finally enacted by Germany in 1916 as a cost-savings measure during World War I and adopted three weeks later by the British.The United States first adopted daylight saving time in 1918.