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Smartt's pawn ticket leads to his arrest
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A man with a history of theft has been sentenced to serve a month in jail after he broke into a home and then pawned his ill-gotten merchandise.
The man, Arnold Boyd Smartt, 31, entered a guilty plea before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to the charge of theft and unlawful possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and was directed to serve 30 days of a five-year sentence. He will be responsible to serve 35 percent of the sentence if he ever has his probation violated, the higher requirement coming due to his past criminal record.
His sentence comes for a break-in of a Beersheba Highway residence during which firearms were taken. According to sheriff’s investigator Aaron Roberts, Smartt was developed as a suspect and it was found he had pawned a Marlin Model 55 shotgun. The gun was worth $1,700.
“A copy of the pawn ticket from the pawn shop showed he was the person in possession of the firearm when it was pawned,” Roberts said, noting Smartt was on probation at the time of the burglary.