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Skelly on road to recovery, in search of loving home
Skelly is in need of a good home. He was rescued by Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center on July 20 and needs a foster home or to be adopted. Serious inquires only may call 507-3647. A video of Pet of the Week is available at

An emaciated dog discovered two weeks ago at a home in the Jacksboro area by Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center director Kim Pettrey is slowly recovering.
“He’s doing well,” Pettrey said. “When I found him, he was so weak he could barely move. Now, he’s up and moving around. He has the sweetest personality. Even after what he’s been through, he loves people and is very affectionate.”
Skelly, named for the condition in which he was found, is being placed for adoption or needs a foster home. Pettrey says she is going to be very particular on who gets the dog.
“I’m going to be very selective,” said Pettrey. “Skelly needs to go to someone special and someone who understands his needs. He needs someone who can dedicate the time to nurse him back to health. He’s gaining weight slowly, which is good. He can’t be fed a lot of food at one time. He has to receive small meals several times a day. If he gets too much food at one time, it makes him sick.”
Skelly is in the midst of a pending neglect case against his owner. Being evidence in that case, he might be needed.
“He needs to stay in Warren County and go to someone who agrees to let us have access to him from time to time,” said Pettrey. “He might be needed in the neglect case against his previous owner. I’m still letting the investigators do their job.”
Skelly was found July 20 after Pettrey received an anonymous call. The caller gave an address and told her to “get out there before the dog dies.” The dog was described by Pettrey as “extremely dehydrated and malnourished.” After investigators from Warren County Sheriff’s Department were called, the dog was taken to a local veterinarian. 
“He’s going to be a beautiful dog,” said Pettrey. “All he needs is someone to care for him and love him.
Now that he’s gained some weight, he looks to be an American bulldog mix.”
If anyone is interested in adopting Skelly or offering him a foster home, call Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center at 507-3647. His adoption fee is $85, which includes the cost to have him neutered.