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Sherrell tops Dunlap
Janice Bowling gets second term
Trying to stir up Election Day support on Main Street are, from left, Kate Medley Alsbrook, Ben Newman and Marsha Newman.

It will be one and done for state Rep. Kevin Dunlap as he was unseated after his freshman term in the Tennessee House by political upstart Paul Sherrell for the 43rd District seat.
“I want to praise the good Lord,” the White County Republican said after being swept into office by two of the three counties which make up the district. “I felt like this is what the Lord wanted me to do at this point in my life.”
Sherrell won huge in his home White County by a count of 6,368 votes to 3,182. He also won in Grundy County by a count of 2,368 to 1,941.
Dunlap won his home Warren County by a total of 5,086 votes to 2,935. When Dunlap won two years ago he carried Grundy County.
At the end of the night, the final count for the whole district was 11,671 votes for Sherrell and 10,209 for Dunlap, meaning Sherrell won with 53 percent of the vote.
“I want to thank our voters, but we fell a little bit short this time,” Dunlap said. “I want to thank Warren County for standing with us. It means a lot.”
Dunlap said he is proud of his record during his term in Nashville. He pointed to road projects he helped get for the district, including a new Hennessee Bridge that will be built here in Warren County.
“We had a record investment in our public schools,” said Dunlap, who is a career educator. Dunlap said it is too soon to say if he will run again.
Meanwhile, Sherrell said he wants to make sure Tennessee sticks to its values.
“I want to keep the values of Tennessee going in a good direction,” Sherrell said.
Joining Sherrell in the state legislature will be Janice Bowling, who easily won reelection as 16th District Senator. She won by a count of 46,803 votes to 22,193 over Democrat Mike Winton.
Bowling took 67 percent of the Warren County vote winning 8,253 to 3,935 in the Nursery Capital. She carried all but Grundy County, winning in her home of Coffee County, along with Franklin, Van Buren, Marion, and Sequatchie counties.
Janice Bowling 46,803
Mike Winton   22,193
Paul Sherrell   11,671
Kevin Dunlap 10,209