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Second Yorozu employee charged
Employee charged with identity theft
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A second Yorozu employee has been charged with working at the facility under a false name, using a stolen identification to get a job.The suspect in this case, Catorina Tomas Nicelas, 32, of Cookeville, waived her right to preliminary hearing on the charge of identity theft and has been bound to the grand jury.She faces the charge after an investigator with the Identity Crimes Unit out of Cookeville discovered she was using a false Social Security card.“She was using a false Social Security card and Texas identification card,” revealed investigator Jeff Phann. “The Social Security card and Texas identification card belong to a woman in Texas.”During questioning, Nicelas told the investigator she paid $1,000 for the cards. A further probe revealed Nicelas used the stolen ID to sign her work form at Yorozu.Her arrest comes after another Yorozu employee was convicted of working under a stolen identification.