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School workers could get $800 extra this year
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Warren County School System employees could receive an additional $800 during the 2017-18 school year.
“Now that you’ve closed out the fiscal year for 2016-17, are you going to be able to provide a bonus?” asked Commissioner Carlene Brown.
The question was asked to Director of Schools Bobby Cox during a county Education Committee meeting Monday. 
“We think so,” said Cox. “We closed out and I think we ended up with maybe $500,000 in there. We moved $400,000 out to do other projects so we were about breakeven there, but we should be fine.”
Of the $800, $300 will be a step increase and $500 will be a bonus. While a bonus is contingent upon the school’s ending reserves each year and might not be given next year, the step increase is permanent.
“We were hoping to do $400 to the salary schedule, but we couldn’t do $400,” said Cox. “So, we did $300 in the salary schedule and $500 as a bonus.”
Warren County rejected two requests from the School Board to increase the school’s financial allocation in the upcoming year, with the first request being 19 cents ($1.24 million) and the second being 9 cents ($590,000). Cox made the request when he presented the school’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2017-18 to the county.
The bonus still requires School Board approval and if approved, staff should receive it in October or November, said Cox.