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School system introduces new mission statement
Warren County Schools Mission Statement
The Warren County Board of Education has approved a new mission statement which will become the new face of the school system.“The Warren County school district exists to achieve high levels of learning that lead to college or career readiness and social and emotion well-being for all our children,” the new mission statement reads.The motto, along with the graphics and picture that will accompany the new mission, vision and belief statement, was revealed to the Board of Education last week and was unanimously ratified.“We plan to have this displayed at all our schools and on the Warren County Schools website,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “It will also be used at job fairs to tell prospective teachers what we are about and what we believe as a school system.”The new statement was a collaborative effort between the local school system and Dr. Jesse Register of the Belmont University Center for the Improvement of Educational Systems.“The collaborative process where all parties work together to achieve a common goal is just inspiring and it is my hope the work we have completed will help improve our schools and most importantly help our students be more successful in the future,” Cox stated.The statement addresses four areas entitled: “Our Mission,” “Our Vision,” “To Succeed We Must …” and “We Believe.”As for the beliefs section of the new statement, there are eight major pillars. “Educated citizens are critical to our society; education is a partnership amount students, family schools and community; all students are of value; cultural diversity is celebrated; children are the first priority; highly qualified instructors and leaders are vital to the success of students; every student, teacher and administrator has the right to a safe learning environment; and technology is an integral part of the learning process.”The entire statement can be found at