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School survey says: kids lack food
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The Student Advisory Committee survey for 2015-16 has uncovered some good and some bad results for Warren County students.

According to the survey which was taken by 1,079 students in the school system, 75 percent report not having enough food to eat at least one day per week. The survey was conducted by high school students on the Student Advisory Committee and was included in a Student Advisory Monthly Report given to members of the Warren County School Board.

Board member Bill Zechman expressed unease that 809 students responded “yes” to not having enough food to eat at least one day per week.

“Something I saw that is an area of concern for me is question 11. It says ‘At least one day per week you don’t have enough food to eat’ and 75 percent said yes. That’s definitely a matter of concern.”

Director of School Bobby Cox was encouraged by question 13.

“I think question 13 was very encouraging,” said Cox. “Do you have plans to further your education after high school and 81 percent stated they would be going to either a four-year or two-year school. I think that’s very encouraging. So is question 12. ‘Do you feel that your education is adequately preparing you for the workforce or higher education?’ Seventy-five percent responded yes.”

Zechman also expressed concern for question 14: Do you somewhat understand about the TN Promise scholarship available to graduating seniors? In their response, 67 percent of students said yes.

Zechman encouraged an effort to bring that number up.

The survey was presented to School Board members by Student Advisory Committee members Lexi Vance and Katherine Oxley.