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School out, construction projects in
Architect Derrick Clemow is working on the school projects.

School is out for summer, but the hustle and bustle continues on construction projects at Bobby Ray and Irving College schools.
“Everything has geared back up now that school is out,” said architect Derrick Clemow. “At Bobby Ray, they are tearing out the old wooden gym floor. The bleachers are gone. The design of the floor and the graphics of the floor are ready to go.”
The construction crew is working diligently, said Clemow.
“They still have a ways to go. You have to rip up the old floor and put the new wood down. Then, you have to sand it, finish it, and stripe it and line it all before you can even put the bleachers in. Putting the bleachers in takes some time. All that is going to happen this summer. Summer always happens really fast when you are in our industry.”
At Irving College, a crew is also working diligently on the interior.
“The kitchen is now gutted for use as the science lab and the area that is going to become administration, which is where the old cafeteria was, is under reconstruction,” said Clemow.
Outside, said Clemow, the pavement is down, with the first coat last week and the second coat within the next few days, which will be followed by curbing, striping and landscaping.
Clemow’s presentation was to members of the county Education Committee with members Diane Starkey, chair, Morris Bond, Carlene Brown and Scott Rubley in attendance.
Construction crews are pushing to complete both projects before school resumes.