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School bus, car collide
Bus crash early.jpg
Kayla McCormick was driving this school bus containing 12 children when it collided with a car driven by Tristin Simons on Friday afternoon. Police Lt. Mark Mara, left, and Trey Johnson survey the damage.

Twelve children aboard a school bus avoided injury Friday afternoon, along with three high school students in a car, when their vehicles collided at slow speeds.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, bus driver Kayla McCormick, 36, is at fault for the wreck but she was not issued a citation. The long turning radius of the bus was given as the reason for the accident.

State trooper Joseph VanBommel says the school bus was stopped at Winding Way around 3:45 p.m. waiting to make a left turn onto West Sparta Street. The car, a Nissan Maxima driven by Tristin Simons, was making a right turn onto Winding Way.

The two vehicles made contact as they were both in their turns with the bus smashing the front fender of the car under its back wheels.

“We were pulling in and it would have just been a little fender-bender but she just nailed it and it tore the whole bumper off,” said Jesse Self, who was a passenger in the car along with Trey Johnson.

The 12 children aboard the bus were loaded onto another bus and taken home by a different driver who finished the route. Officers on the scene said the children were calm and didn’t appear to be traumatized.

After the Highway Patrol investigated, both vehicles were able to be driven from the scene in their damaged conditions.