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School Board to consider paying unauthorized work
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which could pave the way for the company to receive payment on prior, but unauthorized, work."

Midwest Maintenance is within days of completing its project at Warren County Middle School.

According to Upland Design Group architect Allen Hill, two bridges have been renovated and the final bridge came down without incident.

“The bridge is down,” said Hill. “Nobody got hurt. Everything went very well. That project is winding up.”

That announcement could pave the way for a payment for unauthorized work.

In February, Hill informed Warren County School Board members the contractor, while renovating one of concrete walkways, performed additional work totaling $7,900 without prior approval and requested payment from a $10,000 contingency fund built into the company’s bid.

“They approached us about performing some additional work,” said Hill. “They were told we could not get approval to do that until the board meeting Feb. 22. They said they were going to have a hard time rescheduling their crew to come back and do this additional work. They went ahead and did the work and hope it’s approved.”

Director of Schools Bobby Cox asked the board to hold off for two reasons: 1) allow him time contact auditors to make sure payment would not cause an audit issue; 2) wait until the project is complete and no other unforeseen issues arise that might require part of the contingency fund.

“That contingency is there if an unforeseen event happens,” he said. “If they get into that project and it’s more than we thought, we don’t have the money to do it.”

Cox informed members in March that auditors gave the green light, as long as the project did not exceed the bid amount of $98,750.

With the project nearing completion and no other issues found, School Board members must now decide if the contractor should be paid for the unauthorized repairs.