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Sabo a step closer to medical examiner spot
Dr. Robert Sabo has been given an initial nod as Warren Countys new medical examiner.

Dr. Robert Sabo has been given an initial nod as Warren County’s new medical examiner.
The county Safety Committee met Tuesday and voted 4-0 to recommend Sabo to the full Warren County Commission on Nov. 21. On the committee and voting in favor were Carl D. Bouldin, Randy England, Ron Lee and Charles Morgan.
“Dr. (Trey) Kirby was filling in but he said he had too much stuff going on,” said EMS director Preston Denney to commissioners. “He said if we had someone else who was interested in it, to go ahead and let them do it. He would kind of keep the roll that he had and be a backup and help us out when we need him.”
Denney said he contacted County Executive Herschel Wells about the latest development and the decision was made to go with Sabo as interim until the Safety Committee could meet and make its recommendation to the full court in November.
Bouldin asked, “Is Dr. Sabo the only one really showing any interest in it?”
Denney nodded in affirmation.
“Dr. Sabo has been very active so far in the cases we’ve had,” said Denney. “Pretty much every one that we’ve had he’s called and asked questions about.”
EMS has received a request from the district attorney’s office for an EMS employee to complete the medical examiner’s forms for autopsy requests, a job that was done by the district attorney’s office in the past.
“The DAs office is actually wanting EMS to start doing all the ME forms as far as autopsy requests,” said Denney. “The way it has been done in the past is the DA’s lead investigator is the one who has to do them. He said he feels very uncomfortable doing them, simply because when you fill them out you have to use medical terminology. Technically, the deputy ME is the one who would do those reports or the ME himself. Sabo said he didn’t have a problem with us doing them. We’ve been working with the DA’s office on getting that set up through the state medical examiner’s office. So far, Dr. Sabo has been very involved with us.”
The responsibility of filling out the forms will fall on Denney, or one of the shift supervisors.
“This isn’t something we can turn over to just anyone,” said Denney. “It’s a very serious matter. It would be myself and the three shift supervisors. One of us would have to do it. Doing this, our name would go on the autopsies. We would be the ones who would, technically, be ordering the autopsy when one needs to be ordered.”
Prior to the vote, committee chair Teddy Boyd announced he would not be voting on the measure.
“Before we approve or disapprove Sabo as medical examiner, I need to make a statement,” said Boyd. “I have a conflict of interest with this and with that conflict, I am not voting. If someone is interested in making a motion to appoint him as the medical examiner, feel free to do so, but with my conflict, I cannot vote.”
Bouldin motioned to appoint Sabo.