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Rowland paints winning image
Hailey Rowland shows off original artwork that netted her use of a Google Chromebook during the 2016-17 school year. Warren County Schools held the contest open to grades 6-11.

Rising Warren County High School senior Hailey Rowland has won an art contest held by Warren County Schools.
“Hailey’s art is really good,” said Dr. Katrina Haley, director of technology for Warren County Schools. “It reflects the city of McMinnville and Warren County. She did a wonderful job. It was very original.”
The picture includes notable landmarks such as Park Theater, Depot Bottom Country Store, Dinty Moore Restaurant, and the downtown water tower.
For her first-place win, Rowland will be given use of a new Google Chromebook. Also, her winning design will be displayed on the background of all Warren County School’s Chromebooks for the upcoming school year 2016-17.
Haley said they would love to give Hailey a Chromebook, but they are prevented from gifting one.
 “We can’t, technically, buy a device and give it to them. All we can give them is access to the device. We are doing a one-to-one program right now. Next year, ninth-graders will be given a Chromebook to use. The program hasn’t reached 11th grade yet. Hailey will be the only incoming senior with one provided by the school system.”
The contest was open to students in grades 6-11.Second- and third-place finishers are Heidi Myers and Maria Sanchez, respectively.