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Roach returns to jail
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A man who got in a jailhouse fight and was later found inside his sister’s apartment reportedly doing meth has been sentenced to serve 140 days in jail.

Brandon Lee Roach, 32, was ordered to serve 140 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence for assault with bodily injury, possession of meth, criminal trespass, and violation of probation.

Roach was already serving jail time on Dec. 30 when he requested medical attention from the nurse due to bleeding and swelling of his face. He was transported to the River Park ER, according to the warrant for his arrest.

Video footage from the jail showed Roach got into a fight with inmate Marcus B. Mott in the A Pod shower. Mott was examined and a laceration on his face was glued.

Since neither inmate would provide information about what happened, both were charged with assault. It is required to sign a rules policy when being admitted to the jail that states no fighting, among other rules.

Roach was released from jail a few days after that altercation but soon returned to the law enforcement radar on Jan. 9. He was found at his sister’s apartment at Partridge Meadows on that day at 11 a.m.

Roach has been banned from being on the apartment complex property since 2019, according to the property manager. As Roach was being arrested for trespassing, a search was conducted.

Inside his backpack a meth pipe was found, according to the arrest warrant, along with a small baggie believed to contain meth. A hypodermic needle was also located on a kitchen chair near where Roach was standing.

Roach was sentenced for all those charges last week in General Sessions Court. He received 80 days for the assault charge, 30 days for possession of meth, and 30 days for violation of probation, all to be served consecutively. 

Roach was also reminded to stay away from Partridge Meadows upon his release.