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Remote learning to be limited next year
Grant Swallows headshot.jpg

Remote learning options with the Warren County School System are expected to be much more limited next year, according to Director of Schools Grant Swallows.

“One of the questions I’m getting a lot right now is what will next school year look like?” said Swallows during a press conference organized by County Executive Jimmy Haley. “One thing this year has taught me is it’s hard to predict the future. Next year, we will have a remote learning option, but there will be an application process for it. This year remote learning was offered to everyone, but that’s not going to be the case next year.”

Recognizing students learn better when they are in a classroom, remote learning will be reduced next year in order to get more kids in school.

Swallows also said he’s frequently asked about end-of-year school programs. He said school officials are doing the best they can to offer traditional ceremonies such as awards day, but those ceremonies will be restricted.

“It does me no joy to limit these ceremonies but we’re still dealing with a pandemic,” said Swallows. “We’re attempting the best we can to hold these ceremonies, but they will be at one-third capacity. It will be one-third capacity for Warren County High School graduation, but we are pleased to be able to offer six passes to seniors, which is up two from last year.”

Swallows said COVID cases have dwindled significantly in the school system with only two students out of school due to a positive test and eight other students quarantined due to contact tracing.

Swallows pointed out the school year is heading down the home stretch with right at four weeks remaining before WCHS graduation on Friday, May 28.