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Regular attendance vital for student achievement
Warren County director of attendance Jeff Martin.
It’s hard to learn if you’re not at school.September is Attendance Awareness Month and the Warren County School System wants local students and their parents to realize the importance of being in class.School officials say regular attendance is essential to students gaining the academic and social skills they need to succeed. Reducing absenteeism is a simple, cost-effective, but often overlooked strategy for improving academic performance.“Getting a good education is important, especially these days,” said Warren County director of attendance Jeff Martin. “Kids have to be there in order to learn.”Martin said Warren County Schools typically have about a 5 percent absenteeism rate system wide on a daily basis.A student can have five unexcused absences before he or she is declared truant and action is initiated by the school system.Arriving to school late, or signing out early, also results in missed class time.