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Reception planned for Sherrill's latest novel
R.D. Sherrill will unveil his latest novel Paradise Ranch.

Nearly a year and a half after his last book, R.D. Sherrill will unveil his latest novel “Paradise Ranch” during a release party at Magness Library this Monday in an event the public is urged to attend. It will be held on the second floor of the library from 5 to 6:30 p.m.
“This is the second in the Jack and Ashley detective series,” Sherrill said of his latest book which is a continuation of the main characters from “Friday Night Frights” released in 2014. “The advice I’ve been given by several accomplished authors over the years is to write a series so my readers become attached to the characters. The back and forth between brash and chauvinistic FBI Agent Jack Looper and the introspective and deductive newly minted FBI Agent Ashley Reynolds provides the chemistry for what I believe will be an addictive series.”
“Paradise Ranch” picks up six months after “Friday Night Frights” as the two are tasked with solving a murder in the far reaches of southern Arizona. When a woman’s body is found outside a cultist compound, the religious sect and its charismatic leader, Elijah Quinn, are immediate suspects. However, with fears of another Waco tragedy looming, the FBI sends the pair in hopes of solving the crime without an armed clash between law enforcement and the cultists. The closer they come to cracking the case, the more dangerous it becomes as someone is determined the case remain unsolved.
“While this is the second of the series, this is also a stand-alone book,” Sherrill said. “I think that once people read ‘Paradise Ranch,’ they will want to go back and read ‘Friday Night Frights’ to find out the backgrounds of the main characters.”
Sherrill has been a crime and courts reporter for the Southern Standard newspaper for 26 years and has won numerous writing awards for his stories and columns. He most recently won first prize from the Tennessee Press Association in humor writing – something he uses to cut the tension in his sometimes tense storylines.
Books will be available for purchase at the Civic Center craft show beginning this Thursday, Nov. 17. Sherrill works exclusively with Amazon and Kindle, both of which also carry his books.