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Putting skillet to skull earns man six months
Dedeaux convicted for assault
Duwayne D. Dedeaux was given six months to serve.

A man has been sentenced to six months in jail for hitting his girlfriend in the head with a skillet.
Duwayne D. Dedeaux, 34, was given six months to serve and was warned to stay away from the victim on the charge of domestic assault. He has also been set for hearing next week on allegations that he is a fugitive from justice from Decatur, Ga.
The victim called 911 as she was fleeing her home on Edgefield Street to take refuge at the nearby fire hall near downtown McMinnville.
“She said he (Dedeaux) had been drinking and she told him to leave,” the victim told police of what sparked the argument between the couple.
The woman said words escalated into actions and her boyfriend grabbed a skillet and struck her in the head.
“She had bleeding abrasions on top of her forehead as result of the assault,” patrolman Toby Lewis reported. “She was taken to River Park Hospital.”
Dedeaux was taken into custody at the scene of the assault.