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Old bank building garners interest
Old Bank Building 1.jpg
A renovation effort is under way to revitalize the old bank building on West Main Street.

Additional improvements are on the way for an old bank building on West Main Street. 

Owners Chad and Emily Graves have requested permission to replace the building’s exterior doors. Located in the Historic District, such alterations require a certificate of appropriateness from the city’s Historic Zoning Commission. 

“We bought the old bank building,” said Chad. “On the back it had broken glass and the doors were rusty and old. We wanted to bring it up, I wouldn’t say a modern look, but we want automatic doors in the front and rear. People wouldn’t have to touch the doors and they’d be ADA accessible. We want to keep the look as similar as we possibly could to the current building, but we want automatic doors.”

Commission member Tom Ward asked if the doors would slide or swing open. 

“If we could get sliding doors in there, that’s what our plan is. If that’s not feasible, then we have plenty of room for them to swing open. We just want automatic doors,” said Chad. He also added, “We have a ramp in front. We want to make all the parking in front handicap parking. That’s our plan, for right now.”

Commissioner member Rachel Kirby asked if plans include removal of the ATM. 

“Yes,” said Chad.

Kirby replied, “That would look so much better.” 

The property was vacant for 15 years prior to being purchased by Graves Family Properties. Its condition was less than visually desirable. 

“I want to commend you on the work you’ve done to the building,” said Ward, who was among the commission members who expressed appreciation for the improvements. “It has made the place look nice. I’m more interested in the neighborhood. That’s where I live. It’s making the neighborhood look nice. We appreciate that.”

Chad said, “Thank you. We wanted to clean up the outside first. It looked so bad to me. I didn’t like looking at it. Now, we’ve got a lot of work to do on the inside.”

Historic Zoning Commission members unanimously approved the door replacement project.